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1.Fingerprint Capacity Extension
To increase the fingerprint capacity for BeSeen Security fingerprint products in order to store more fingerprints.

In an anti-passback system, there will be two readers for one door. So people must scan their fingers when they enter or leave the room. If someone enter the room without fingerprint verification, the system will not allow him to leave, and vice versa. This function is designed for high secured purpose.

RIS is the abbrevaition for Remote Identification System. It allows BeSeen Security fingerprint device work as client to scan fingerprint and transfer data to server. A computer with RIS software will receive data and verify the fingerprint. For some large project, like more than 10,000 users and 10 access points, RIS system will be easier to manage and the fingerprint verification speed will be better.

WiFi function for BeSeen Security fingerprint device is very similar to computer WiFi. It is used to connect the device to wireless network. This function is for some access point which cable can not reach.

GPRS function for BeSeen Security fingerprint device is used to communicate with computer via SIM card( cell phone card). The device will automatically send data to server with specified IP address via GPRS network. The speed of GPRS vary in different countries

6.Printer support
Printer function allows user to connect device to serial port printer directly. The record could be printed directly as customized and selected format.

7.Web server
With web server function, customer can access the device’s management webpage by internet browser directly without any extra software installation. That means in the LAN network, people can use any computer to visit the management webpage by enter the device IP address in internet browsers, By setting port mappings in router, fingerprint device management webpage can be even visited via internet

8.Work code
Work code function enables that our product could distinguish user’s type of work, which means subscriber can set different schedules for checking different users’ attendance statuses. Two or more work code also could be assigned to one employee. According to it, you can easily calculate the users’ salary of multi-assignment.

9.Duress alarm
Duress alarm function provides the alarm system when people is under duress to open the door. If a duress fingerprint was enrolled, user still can use this fingerprint to open the door, but the alarm system will be activated

10.Wiegand output
Access Control system provide standard Wiegand 26 output, which can be connected to most of access controllers, like the way of connecting with a ID reader or password keyboard

11.Wiegand input
Access Control system provide standard Wiegand 26 input, which can connect to external ID reader or keypad which is located in outdoor or indoor, and control the door by the reader together

12.Scheduled bell ring
There are more two time ring options that is bell schedule and bell duration in the fingerprint machine. The system total has eight bell schedule items can be set according to actual need. When the time arrive at the appointed time, the fingerprint machine will automatically ring bell, the duration of ringing achieve assigned hour, the ringing will stop automatically.
There are two way to ring bell:
1. Send sound from the speaker of fingerprint machine.
2. Connect the electrical bell to the fingerprint machine, when arrive the appoint time, the fingerprint machine will send signal to trigger relay

Query function realizes to view attendance record for personal or all staffs. It provides staff with convenience to know attendance record by him.
This function not only ability to view persona's attendance record, but also support to query all staff's record

14.Short message management (SMS)
SMS can send a message to assigned person through public to person way, this function need use the software to set, and then upload SMS to the fingerprint machine.
1. Public short message: As long as set by software, it will be shown on the machine for ever
2. Personal short message: when the user's fingerprint verification is positive, it will be shown to this user on the machine

15.POE(Power over Ethernet)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology that extends the already ultra-broad functionality of Ethernet by supplying reliable DC power over the same Category 5/5e twisted-pair cable that currently carries Ethernet data. PoE, modeled after the technology used by the telecommunications industry to supply reliable power to telephones, enables lifeline quality power for IP telephones (VoIP) as well as many other low power Ethernet network machines like wireless access points (WAP) and security cameras

16.9PIN user ID
When go on enrolling user in the fingerprint machine, along with the standard enrolling code is five digit(its range is 1-65535), if the enrolling code is longer in the actual application, nine digit code can be customized design at the fingerprint machine

17.Daylight Saving Time
Some fingerprint machine provides correct and current time in any world time period, country or major city. Accurate adjustments for Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time) are made according to each location's rules and laws. No matter what time period a country or city is located in, this is your top choice for a clock resource site.

18.T9 input
T9's objective is to make it easier to type text messages on the fingerprint machine directly. It allows words to be entered by a single keypress for each letter, in which several letters are associated with each key, and selecting one letter often requires multiple keypresses