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Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Companies can benefit from the system by preventing loss of wages while improving work productivity. Fingerprint time attendance solution can eliminate the possibility of people coming to work as buddy punching, or asking for fabricated overtimes. Corporations and public and government institutions can also enjoy diverse work hour tracking and monitoring features in calculating compensations for business trips, special assignments, overtimes, and work-shifts, in addition to the employee's regular time of coming and leaving to work.

The accurate results can be easily and accurately reflected on the wage calculation and human resources management. By computerizing the work hour data generated by the system, the human resources department can improve their work performance It also enables a centralized work hour management of employees working at multiple different locations, and the data necessary for various decision-making can be effectively collected and reflected.

With the human orientated design concept in mind, BeSeen Security develops the fingerprint time attendance with friendly operation interface, rational functions design, easy operation. Stand alone fingerprint time attendance solution and network fingerprint time attendance solution are both available. Thus it can meet different demands.

Solution Configurations:
Time attendance: It collects fingerprints. The sets of it depends on staff number and entry/exit number..
Network cable: It is used to connect multi-time attendances or PC with time attendance. It can copy communication data via U-disk.
Server: Above PC433 computer with OS Windows XP/2000/2003
Software: BeSeen Security time attendance management system, SQL Server2000/Access database