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Q: How to offer orders?
A: You can E-mail or fax us the good list of your order with consignee address, name, tel, fax, postcode, city and
country etc. and we will send you the P/I with our bank information for your payment. We will send the materials within 3 to 5 days after confirmation.

Q: You fingerprint has been enrolled but you often get failure in identification
A: The fingerprint was not captured properly (Enroll staff fingerprints again. Please put the finger flatly and centrally when enrolling the fingerprint); Sensor is directly faced with the sun light, which leads to low quality of fingerprint image capture (Avoid direct sun light on the sensor); The fingerprint quality of staff is not so good, with peeling and callus (Select the better fingers to register again or use card and passowrd); Staff does not place the finger properly when clocking (Please put the finger flatly and centrally when clocking); Sensor problem. Not good in fingerprint capture (Ask for FingerISE for replacement of fingerprint sensor).

Q: Terminal can't be connected with PC through RS232/RS485.
A: First of all, check the cable is whether it can work and normal, then chek the value of braud rate of terminal, for example, if it is 38400, then your PC's must be the same.

Q: Terminal can't be connected with PC through TCP/IP.
A: In advance, check the terminal and your PC are whether they are in the same LAN, for exmaple, your PC is,so the terminal must be 192.168.1.XXX(except 14) and you have to write the same one with terminal in the software.

Q: How to clean the sensor often to keep it working normally?
A: This depends on the using times. After a period of using, you should clean the sensor mainly the latent smutch from fingers. Please do not use paper or any organ solvents like alcohol or gas. Recommended clean method: Use one-sided adhesive tape to stick on the sensor and then remove the tape. After a long time of using, the                   sensor will be dirty and obscure due to the accumulation of the latent salinity from finger sweat. Please use soft  cloth with glass cleanser. Please do not pour glass cleanser to the sensor directly or dip the sensor in any liquid.

Q: How to initialize terminal if forget admin password?
A: Left hand keep "ESC" key pressing and right hand open the terminal and you will enter into one interface with terminal No.. Please correctly connect to terminal by RS232, you can operate software or SDK for initializing.