Support you about the Security System

In the email, please include your order number or the product link, then can proivde support more efficiently.

We will support you for ever with our over 20 years experience. Thank you very much for placing an order. If you have any questions or concerns, please refrain from returning our products directly, as it would result in significant losses for us.

1. If you prefer email, will do email support. Can send email to:

2. Can do whatsAPP video Call support, please tell me your whatsAPP number.

3. Can do skype live support, Can add our skype:  pablochen.1996 (there is a dot before 1996)

4. If you want phone call support, I can call you(Please tell me your phone number)

5Most efficient support way: Also can do Live Remote support to remotely connect to your computer to guide you, to provide live training and support for you(Let's schedule a time in advance).

Please use below tool for efficient support, Let's do remote live support and Several Minutes can solve problem:

download the remote support tool from below(this tool is free):

run it directly and send me the device ID and the Temporary password
So that I can connect to your computer/laptop to do live support. Several Minutes can solve problem.

By giving us the opportunity to assist you, we can add substantial value to your project and help you save significantly.