Instruction for you about the Guard System

How To Support you

Will support you for ever, check Support method from: HERE

Trouble Shooting check below Chapter 3.

Part 1: Step by Step Manual :

Some customer don't want to watch video, Can directly check manual from HERE

Part 2: Video and Materials Link:

1. Video Guide:

1.1 For the whole system how to work video, check from below link:

Trouble Shooting video:

1.2 Other video, check video from:    

2. Software download and Install:

2.1 Download the English software from:

Firstly right click mouse on it, EXTRACT  to a new folder  then run the setup file.

2.2 Download the Spanish software from:

2.3 When the software start, as below, press "OK" Directly.

3. Trouble shooting Tips:

I will support you for ever with my nearly 20 years experience.

1. If you prefer email, I will do email support.

2. If you want phone support, I can call you( Please tell me your phone number)

3. Also can do teamviewer support to remotely connect to your computer to guide you, to provide live training and support for you.