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Solution of Web Time Management System

What is Web Based Attendance System?

1.Personal information portal - allow employees to monitor their own hours flexitime.2. Leave requests emailed to supervisors for approval.3. Clock in through the web.4. Time sheets and reports or remote managers..


Main FeaturesPersonal Information Portal 
BSWM(BeSeen Web Module) Web module can be used to allow each employee to have read-only access to their individual time and attendance information. Each employee can view their own clocking in times, hours, overtime or flexi-time balances, any warnings from being late or leaving early and any errors caused by not clocking out. The employee can email a report from the web module straight to their inbox if they need a hard copy .

Leave Requests 
Each employee can request their own holidays and leave from the web module, they simply view their holiday planner and request a new period of leave. An email then automatically sent to the employees supervisor to be approved. The supervisor has the option to approve or decline the leave request and can add their own comments to the leave booking. Once the supervisor has approved the leave, an email will be sent to the employee informing his(her) leave has been approved.

Clock In Through The Web 
The BSWM web module also can be used to allow employees to clock in and out from their PC when they start and finish work. This can be great for home based employees, employees who spend their time traveling such as sales representatives and engineers or even employees in a call center environment.

Timesheets And Report For Managers 
The BSWM Web Module is not only a powerful personal information tool but is ideally suited for managers who need to view their employees time and attendance data from wherever they may be. Administrators are able to view any of their employees time and attendance and leave information and produce timesheet and payroll reports that are emailed directly to their inbox..