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Two Way(2 readers) Single Door Access Control Panel with TCPIP

Proximity Card Access Control

You need not install any software on computer, just open the IE browser, you can remotely control/configure the controller.

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Technical Specification

General Function Introduction:

The stand alone access controller is a device combined the most advanced chip technology and mechanics of communication. User can connect the controller with one reader for entry and one button for exit; also it allows to connect one reader for entry and one reader for exit to realize more safer door access control request.

Operation Interface:
Built in Internet Explorer Design; Browser/Server structure; Users don't need to install software and can enter into the management interface directly through internet explorer.
Language: User can switch the language of the management/control interface between Chinese and English freely.
CPU: It adopts 32 bit CPU and can provide f ast,stable,convenient and simple operation platform.
Support: Support offline work. Apply TCP/IP communication. Allow direct connection with computer via network cable. Support LAN ,remote control, and control by mobilephone through internet.
Advanced Technology:

1.We adopt 32bit CPU in this device to ensure fast arithmetic speed, and to establish a high tech platform for future expansion functions.

2. With browser rver(B/S) structure, built-in internet explorer(IE) technology, user don ' t need to install software and can enter directly into the management interface. User can manage and control the hardware through any piece of computer via network cables, and even realize remote unlocking, remote management, remote monitoring of the door status through internet. And user can control the hardware through a mobile phone if internet accessed to realize remote dynamic control and monitor.

3. With dynamic buffer management, the device can store the latest 2000 event buffers( records will be cleared if power cut or reset).

4. This device allows user remote monitor the door status with the help of door sensor, and can remote unlock the door via computer.

Convenience: 1. It supports multi mother card addition and deletion. With the mother card, user can authorize or cancel privilege of other cards. Except add cards by hand, mother card and assigner device, there also support add cards in batch.
2. With the search tool it has, this device allows user to set the communication parameters automatically. This could be a big help to those people who don ' t know how to use internet.
3. It has simple back-up tool. Setting parameter and priviledges will be back-uped in computer.
Humanization: Compared to standard stand alone access controller (without LCD), this device can show you the card user ' s name, department the user belongs to; it supports vague search with card number and card user name, and supports event buffer records checking. In cases that there are many card users, this function would be more convenient than standard stand alone access controller.
Safe: 1. Compared to standard stand alone access controller, this device separates the reader and the controller to individual parts so to realize higher safety request of your customer.
2. Login user name and password are revisable.
Stability: 1.Wrong connection of reader or data cable will not destroy the device or unlock the door illegally.
3.Effect inhibition of static electricity and surge from input and feedback interference from electronic locks.
Compatibility: This device is compatible with all RF reader which is with any type of Wiegand stantard communication format available in the market. It supports at most 8 groups of password. User can name for each group of password.
all-in-one-card management system :
nomal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system; fixed ration dining management system; meeting attendance management system; online patrol management system and security alarm management system.
Detail Parameters
TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive
English Software supportable database:
No Need to Install
Description :
Control 1 doors, get in and out door by swiping card, or get in by swiping card and get out door by button
Power Supply :
12VDC 4-7A
Power Consumption of Circuit Board :
Less than 100mA
Input Format of Reader :
Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID, EM , Mifare one etc)
Quantity of Readers :
Door Controlled :
Door opening time extending setting :
1-600 seconds(adjustable)
Max number of controller :
No limitation
Operation Temperature :
Operation Humidity :