Instruction for you about the Fingerprint Control

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Frequently Asked Question(Read Firstly):

  1. Lock Force is not enough and need get MAXIMUM Force , reason is: Armature Plate installed too tight;  recommend loosen the Armature Plate screws a little so that the plate can swing a little, check from chapter 2 of this link:
  2. Use what wire for the connection? Normally use cat-6e 24awg cable is ok for this system wire.
  3. We have step by step video and diagram for each component wire.
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1. Video and Materials Link( For Magnetic Lock ):

1.1. For how to wire the system(if with Magnetic Lock), please check below video:

1.2. Wire Diagram of Magnetic Lock, Check From:

1.3. Basic operate video video(Below):

2. Video and Materials Link( For Strike Lock ):

2.1. For how to wire the system(if with Strike Lock), please check below video:

2.2. Wire Diagram of Strike Lock, Check From:

2.3. Basic operate video video(Below):

3.Lock Install:

3.1.  Check the Magnetic lock install video and How to Get Maximum Force from:

3.2. Check the Strike Lock Install and DEMO from:

4.Extra Video:

4.1. For PIN code program:

4.2. Add Card/Fob For Existing Fingerprint User:

5.Frequent Asked Qustion:

For example, Common user an't enter menu/only manager can enter menu/How to enroll card or Fob, answers from Here.

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