Instruction for you about the weatherProof Metal Control System


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Frequently Asked Question(Read Firstly):

  1. Lock Force is not enough and need get MAXIMUM Force , reason is: Armature Plate installed too tight;  recommend loosen the Armature Plate screws a little so that the plate can swing a little, check from chapter 2 of this link:
  2. Use what wire for the connection? Normally use cat-6e 24awg cable is ok for this system wire.
  3. We have step by step video and diagram for each component wire.
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1.Quick Video for Wire and Program:

1.1 For the wire:

1.2 For Card/Fob Add:

1.3 For the PIN Code Add:

1.4 PIN code or Card/Fob Program Manual:

Some customer don't want to watch video, please check Manual from: 

also can check the program video from Above chapter 1.1/1.2.

2.Wire for Door Bell

For the Door Bell Wire guide ,please check video from:

Wire diagram:  

3.Magnetic Lock Install Guide

Check the Magnetic lock install guide and How to Get Maximum Force from:

The lock is water proof, can install outside, demo video is


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