How Install Magnetic lock And Adjust Lock Force


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1. How to install the magnetic lock

1.1 Quick Install video as below:

1.2 Also can refer to below steps:

2. To make the magnetic lock has maximum holding force. Tips as below:

Quick video:

1).Armature Plate installed too tight will lead to result the lock weak force, recommend loosen the Armature Plate screws a little in this casePlease make sure the plate ( not the lock body) has a little freedom, can even swing a little, can't be too closed fixed. You can loose the middle screw of the lock plate bar(Check below Picture),check force and try loose again until get good force.

2).Don’t forget to add the rubber circle part. To avoid turning sideways, need to add the position fix part(check below picture), when you install the steel plate, totally 3 holes, middle big hole, two side small hole for the position part.

3).The lock plate need to be direct contact front of the magnet, lined up them wellNo gap between them.  they touch closely each other.

4).Make sure the lock get around DC12 Voltage.

Video is below:

Pictures are below:

3.If the magnetic lock can't be engaged/locked after power on

just adjust the screw of plate(loose it a little)as below picture, Adjust to anti-clockwise a little and try.

each time adjust a little and then try, not one time turn too much;

4. If the magnetic lock can't be opened after power off

adjust the screw to the reverse direction, can refer to below picture,  Adjust to clockwise a little and try.